Bullet to Beijing

Harry Palmer, the laconic and impudent star of Len Deighton's THE IPCRESS FILE and FUNERAL IN BERLIN is back in a new, action packed, explosive thriller. With the end of the Cold War, Harry finds himself without a job. Yet a man with his skills is a valuable asset. When a mysterious phone call offers Harry the opportunity of an all-expenses paid flight to Russia, a new assignment, he knows that he must grab the chance.








Harry's new boss is the shadowy Alex, a man with so many enemies that he can trust no-one. In a Russia controlled warring mafia tribes he needs Harry to help him to recover the product of a top secret experiment, Alorax - "The Red Death". This synthesised germ is so lethal it can destroy whole populations. Harry soon finds himself caught in a frantic race against time to uncover the carrier of the deadly cargo aboard the trans- Siberian express headed for Beijing. He finds himself playing a deadly game of cross and double-cross, trapped between ex-KGB and ex-CIA agents, and Alex's own shady assistants, the alluring Natasha and Kim. Jason stars as Nikolai, an arrogant Eton educated Russian aide/spy, whose mother was a Russian spy and his father a British agent he never knew.

Also stars Michael Caine, Mia Sara, Patrick Allen, Michael Gambon and Michael Sarrazin

The film is also notable as being the set where Jason and Mia met.

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