Casablanca Express


Casablnca Express, where Nazi commandos hijack Churchill's train.
Also stars Francesco Quinn, David Brandon, Glenn Ford, Manfred Lehmann, Jean Sorel and Donald Pleasence.
Music by Luigi Ceccarelli.

On the eighth of November 1942 a British plane is intercepted by German bombers and obliged to land at Algiers instead of going on to Casablanca where it was originally intended to land. On board are Winston Churchill and his double. Hastily a special train called the Casablanca Express is got ready to take them overland to their original destination. This plan is discovered by the Germans who capture the train by means of a daring commando operation. The allies prepare a counter move and entrust Captain Cooper with the difficult task of freeing Churchill. After a number of ups and downs the Captain's efforts prove successful. The enterprise costs the lives of many men although the man whom the group manages to release in only the double. The real Churchill is already at Casablanca. However the plan has to be carried out to the end so as not to arouse the Suspicions of the German command.

Jason stars as Al Cooper