Tank Malling

Jason Connery, Ray Winstone, Amanda Donohoe and Peter Wyngarde Plot: Sir Robert Knight is the rising star of the new conservitive party, a man whose platform is a return to old-fashioned moral values. But behind all the political talk is the ultimate double cross...a long and viciuos trail of sex and murder that could crush his empire before it comes to power.






















Jason stars as the lawyer, Dunboyne

'Tank Malling' is based on a true story - the idea for the film was conceived after a package containing pornographic material was found on the top deck of a London bus. Story Synopsis: 'Tank Malling' is a stylish British thriller produced in the tradition of such classics as 'The Long Good Friday' and 'Mona Lisa'. The film tells the story of John Malling - a hard-hitting Fleet Street journalist, whose research for an exposé on a powerful but corrupt organisation known as The Moral Revival Campaign, leads him to the door of public benefactor, Sir Robert Knights.

In spite of his numerous appearances condemning what he describes as "moral bankruptcy", Malling believes that Knights is in fact the power behind a series of vicious sex and drug-related killings in the seedy Soho district of London. As a result of his investigations, a number of high-ranking members of the "Establishment" are named as being amongst a tight-knit sado-masochistic drugs ring. However, Malling soon finds himself on the wrong side of the law when he is set up by Knights' shady lawyer, Dunboyne, and is consequently jailed for two years for perjury.

Following his release, Malling is contacted by Helen - a high class call-girl, whose refusal to give evidence in the first instance had resulted in his imprisonment. Having witnessed the brutal death of a fellow prostitute and friend at the hands of Knights' henchmen, Helen begs Malling to resume his investigation, and presents him with Knights personal diary in which there is not only written the names of many public figures, but details of their deplorable nocturnal habits. With Helen's assistance, Malling now has the evidence with which to trap Knights, and to repair his own tarnished reputation.