The Plot Thickens For Jason And 007
The Express September 4, 1998

Oh what tangled webs we weave...
Yesterday Jason Connery, son of the more famous Sean, was telling the press that he had been approached by a mysterious production company to play the part of James Bond, the role that made his dad famous.

"You wouldn't believe how much money has been offered to me," the 35-year-old actor said, before revealing the reasons he had turned down the cash and the chance to be the next 007.

"I think the films have lost a lot of their magic because of political correctness," Connery went on. "And how could you top my dad?" Not that this was meant as an insult to the current Bond incarnation, of course.

"Of the rest of the Bonds, my particular favourite is Brosnan," Jason said, before gracioulsy allowing that, "all (the actors) brought their own dimensions to the role."

The news that Jason was offered the opportunity to bring his own dimension to the secret agent is, however, news to Connery's agent. Peter Brooks not only denies that his client has ever been offered the part of 007, he also insists Jason has never spoken to journalists about the subject.

Certainly Jason's near-casting as James came as a shock to Eon Productions, makers of the Bond series. "It's the first we've heard of it," said a spokesman. "What I can tell you is Pierce Brosnan is flying in on January 4 to begin shooting Bond 19."

Eon also dismissed the rumour that the nameless production company invoked by Connery was Sony, which is currently fighting Eon in the US courts over plans to produce a rival series of James Bond movies.

"That is an on-going legal situation," said the spokesman, "and until it is resolved, the part of James Bond could not be offered to any actor. Really, we are at a loss for an explanation."