Hoboken Hollow

Connery plays the lead in "Hoboken Hollow" (directed by Glen Stephens) a dark ‘Misery meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ story inspired by actual events. "Hoboken Hollow" also stars Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen, Randy Spelling, C. Thomas Howell and Mark Holton and filmed in Menard, Texas

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As Trevor, a veteran of the Iraq war, drifts through Texas on his way west, he struggles to come to terms with the evil effects of a war rife with casualties. He is soon faced with a homegrown variety of evil when he accepts a ride and a job at Hoboken Hollow, a remote Hill Country ranch that many visit but few ever leave. The movie portrays an outlaw ranch family that lures transients to their ranch with promises of work, only to torture and kill any who try to run away.