The village of Talas -1943 Sadyk is hurrying away with the young and beautiful Jamila after a horse race. This means the kidnapping of a bride for the villagers. They are happy that Sadyk, the eldest son of the late village elder, and Jamila will be married. At the wedding ceremony only Seit, the 15-year-old brother of Sadyk, notices that the young woman is very unhappy. After a loveless wedding night, Sadyk bids farewell to his wife as he has been called to the front. He asks his brother, who worships Jamila, to keep an eye on her. Seit's first pangs of love are for Jamila. They fly together with their souls to the point where the sky touches the earth. One day, Danijar, who was wounded at the front, comes to the village. Jamila's look become dreamy whenever she sees him, but she still fights against her love for Danijar. However, early one morning, the two of them leave... Seit knows that it is goodbye for ever, goodbye from his first love, and goodbye from his childhood. He decides to go to America and become a famous painter; and to always carry the picture of Jamila in his heart.