Jason plays Macbeth to Helen Baxendale's Lady Macbeth in this Cromwell Productions in association Grampian Television story

The first re-making of The Scottish Play in over a quarter of a century, Freeston's film version is unique, using as it does elements of the original Folio edition which first appeared in 1623 and steeping the whole production in the celtic flavour of 11th century Scotland. Macbeth is a story of war, treachery, deceit, and a lust for power which makes John Redwood look positively angelic.
Jason Connery and Helen Baxendale are no strangers to Shakespeare, both having undertaken a number of productions. The wonderful Brian Blessed has acted as consultant and also directed the famous 'witches' scene'.

Restored to its proper setting, this is a sprawling, huge, bloody and fascinatingly powerful production of arguably the most timeless of all Shakespeares plays. Connery comes into his own, and Baxendale is superb, and the decision to place the violent and supernatural elements in a glowing, sunlit, beautiful landscape tellingly opposes the standard mist-draped moors. This is faithful to the text and characters, but faithful first to the urge to be a piece of epic cinema. Including a documentary on the making and marketing of the film

Director: Jeremy Freeston
Producer: Bob Carruthers (executive)
Shona Donaldson
David McWhinnie (executive)
Gary Russell (executive)

Banquo: Graham McTavish
Macduff: Kenneth Bryan

Lively and well-acted treatment of the Shakespeare tragedy features a fine performance by Jason Connery as the doomed king and Helen Baxendale as Lady Macbeth. The superb cast also includes Graham McTavish and Kenneth Bryans