What's New?

26/05/08 - A page for Chinaman's Chance and La Linea, 4 new pics for The Venetian,

09/04/08 - A long time coming...... another press release for Brotherhood of Blood , and pages for Ice 44, and Alone in the Dark II,

22/01/07 - Night Skies poster and review, Brotherhood of Blood press release,

04/03/06 - Page on Brotherhood of Blood, three Night Skies pics,

28/10/05 - Jason to star in Lightspeed, and The Thirst,

12/09/05 - News on Far Side of Jericho and 5 pics,

15/06/05 - A page and picture on Requiem, a page on Night Skies, a Press release, Jason to star in Lake Placid 2? or not?!

12/03/05 - A page and pictures on Private Moments,

20/09/04 - Two Shoebox Zoo pics, plus interview

22/08/03 - Shoebox Zoo press release,

16/08/03 - An interview from 1988 in Woman magazine,

28/07/03 - Two pictures for The Three Musketeers, and three pictures for The Burning Shore,

24/07/03 - 6 new pics to Gallery 8 and Gallery 9, and the start of Gallery 10, a newspaper article on The Venetian, links to pics of Jason at Weekend in Sherwood 2003, 3 new pics for Dream One, and 2 for Cyrano de Bergerac,

27/05/03 - pics from Jason's Famous five episode,

02/05/03 - Full Dr Who pics, Full Midnight in St Petersburgh pics, and a few more pics in Gallery 8,

29/04/03 - Library of Romance pics, Lords of Dicipline screen grabs - it is him honest!

28/04/03 - Screen grabs from the Smallville episode Suspect,

12/04/03 - New Blue Room pics and interview

26/03/03 - Screen grabs from Puss in Boots,

07/03/03 - Screen grabs from Lenin: The Sealed Train, news of Jason in another episode of Smallville,

15/02/03 - Screen grabs from Bullet to Beijing, and a few from Midnight to St Petersburgh,

08/02/03 - News, Reviews and pics from the opening week of The Blue Room, Pics from the films Tank Malling, and Shanghai Noon,

02/01/03 - A new interview from the Sunday Times,

27/01/03 - Pics from the second Smallville episode with Jason in and a link to some sound clips,

26/01/03 - Screen grabs from Bye Bye Baby,

25/01/03 - Jason's interview in the Daily Mail magazine, confirming his divorce from Mia,

23/01/03 - Screen grabs from Jason's Richard & Judy TV interview,

18/01/03 - A set of screen grabs from Wishmaster 3,

12/01/03 - A page for the Theatre production of The Three Musketeers,

03/01/03 - A page for the story Kindred Spirit,

30/12/02 - 2 new gallery pics, and a video cover for Dream One,

16/12/02 - A whole set of The Boy Who had Everything pics, also known as Winner Takes All.

12/12/02 - More Blue Room info

04/11/02 - New Urban Ghost Story Screen Grabs,

02/11/02 - Jason to star in The Blue Room, from February 2003

26/10/02 - Added The Successor screengrabs,

26/08/02 - Smallville screen grabs added,

20/08/02 - Picture gallery 7, a page for Dream One aka Nemo,

19/08/02 - OK, confusion reigns everywhere, I've gone and changed the web address, now http://jasonconnery.tripod.com. Also I've got a new video capture card and have uploaded lots of The Other Side of Paradise pictures, make the most of my new toy! Look out for many more coming your way.

14/12/01 - 3 new Gallery pics, a new Bullet to Beijing pic, 2 Bye Bye Baby video covers,

22/11/01 - A Wishmaster pic and cast info, Smallville info,

28/10/01 - 4 new Spymaker pics, a new pic in the Photo gallery,

07/10/01 - A new Casablanca Express picture, Photo Gallery 6, 6 new Spymaker pictures,

07/09/01 - A page for Wishmaster 3, some Robin Hood video covers,

15/04/01 - A page on Faithful Healing, a page on Return of the Thief of Baghdad,

03/03/01 - A new Spymaker picture,

23/01/01 - A new Picture gallery page of baby Photos! And news of Jason in a West End play. A page for the new film Nicolas,

14/09/00 - A new film for Jason "Nicolas", A page for The Strip, New links for Shanghai Noon, several new pictures on gallery page 4,

28/08/00 - Two new Casablanca Express pics,

05/06/00 - I've joined the Robin of Sherwood Webring

27/5/00 - A new Pic of Jason in Shanghai Noon and some links to reviews

20/11/99 - A page for Trelawny of the Wells,

07/11/99 - Two new Robin Hood Pics and the start of a Picture Gallery 4, with four pics, a Merlin poster, an Aladdin page,

30/10/99 - A new poster on Macbeth page and a new link to an interview, a review of Taming of the Shrew, a new link for Dr Who,

25/10/99 - A new poster on Bullet to Beijing Page,

18/10/99 - Five fantastic pictures, thanks Tracey,

17/10/99 - Some new facts on the Home Page, a new Urban Ghost pic, a new Robin Hood Sound.

16/10/99 - Many new pictures of Robin Hood, and an episode guide. Picture gallery 3.

14/10/99 - A new Picture for The Venexiana

12/10/99 - A page for The Venexiana

12/10/99 - The What's New Page, I'll keep you informed of what I upload on my Website so you can easily find all the new bits!