The Other Side of Paradise

Four-part mini series starring JASON CONNERY and JOSEPHINE BYRNES, The Other Side of Paradise is based on Noel Barber's epic novel of a passionate love triangle formed when a young British doctor arrives on a remote South Pacific island. Life in this idyllic paradise is shattered by superstition and jealousy among the Polynesian Islanders, the onset of a widespread polio epidemic and the outbreak of the Second world War.

London, 1938. After a streetfight with a fascist Blackshirt, young, pioneering doctor Chris Masters (Jason) is forced to flee England and make a new start in life. Arriving on the South Sea Island of Koraloona, he soon becomes enchanted by the place and it's people. He dreams of building a hospital with eccentric Doc Reid (Richard Wilson) and of building a life with Aleena (Vivian Tan), beautiful daughter of the island's King.

But as Chris and Aleena fall passionately in love, the coming war threatens to change their Island Paradise forever.

Filmed on location in the Cook Islands this is a beautiful look at Island life and the effects outside influences can have on such an idealic paradise.

Jason Connery

Chris is poisened

Jason as Dr Chris Masters

Chris and Aleena

Jason with Director

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