Jason Connery At Work On Four Features For 2006 Release
May 17 2005

Jason Connery, who rose to stardom in 1985, as Robin Hood in the popular UK series "Robin of Sherwood," has been hard at work in America with several independent films just this year. Since January 2005 Connery has completed a starring role in "Hoboken Hallow," is simultaneously filming a supporting lead in "Far Side of Jericho" and the lead in "Night Skies," and is preparing for his feature directorial debut with "William" later in the year.

In Production:
"Night Skies" (directed by Roy Knyrim) is adapted from an actual event that took place during the infamous “Phoenix Lights” UFO sightings in Arizona in 1997. It tells the story of six campers who, during that March evening, encounter something that could never be fully explained until now. Five of them went missing and have never been found. Connery stars as the sole remaining survivor, who recreated the events, as he believes they actually happened. "Night Skies" also features AJ Cook, Ashley Peldon, George Stulz, Joe Sikora, and Gwendolyn Yeo.

"Far Side of Jericho" (directed by Tim Hunter) takes place in the 1880’s and follows three women, widows of an outlaw gang of brothers all recently hanged, who must run for their lives from a posse, Indians, and other villains convinced they know the whereabouts of their husbands’ missing bank loot and other treasures. Along the way the women learn to trust one another more and confront their fates, realizing they need to find the treasure first or be killed. Connery co-stars as one of two corrupt Pinkerton agents who, after capturing the outlaws, pursue the widows and the missing money. "Jericho" co-stars include Patrick Bergin, James Gammon, and Lawrence Pressman.

Connery plays the lead in "Hoboken Hollow" (directed by Glen Stephens) a dark ‘Misery meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ story inspired by actual events. "Hoboken Hollow" also stars Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen, Randy Spelling, C. Thomas Howell and Mark Holton.

Jason Connery was born in London, the son of actors Sean Connery and Diane Cilento. He has appeared in over 30 films, television movies and series combined since his breakthrough role as Robin Hood in 1985. Already an accomplished actor and producer, Connery has recently added voiceover and animation to his resume and is preparing to direct his first feature, "William," in fall of 2005. Jason Connery is managed by RGM Entertainment and represented by Matt Shapira / David Shapira and Associates.