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Jason took over the role of Robin Hood in series three of the television version, as Robert of Huntingdon, who became Robin Hood when the original one died. He wooed Marian out of mourning and picked up where Michael Praed left off.

Season Three opened with a 2 part sory "Herne's Son". The Hooded Man has fled the outlaws, ignoring their calls for him to reveal his identity to them. Without Robin to lead them the outlaws have fallen out and gone their seperate ways and the people od Sherwood are once more subjected to the Sheriffs villany.

During a visit to the Earl Of Huntingdon Marion (now pardoned by the King) is kidnapped by the Marsh Lord Owen Of Clun. Her Father hires soldiers from the Sheriff to mount a rescue but is set up but the Sheriff who sees a way to make some easy money.

Learning of Marions plight Robert Of Huntingdon and returns to Herne seeking his help. Herne tells him that had he accepted his calling and replaced Robin the outlaws would never have left. Herne tasks Robert with tracking them down and bringing them together once more. Robert tracks down Tuck (giving the producers an opportunity to have the characters meet in their time honoured manner) and then Much & Little John. Finally they track down Scarlet and proceed to Clun Castle where they discover Nasir. Together old freinds and new leader resuce Marion. Owen Of Clun is killed by the scheming of his servant Gulnar (Richard O'Brien) who appear in several more stories.

Although she initally refuses, Marion also rejoins the outlaws in an Episode entitled "Albion", and presents Robert/Robin with the mystical sword. During a sword fight with Gisburne th meaning of sword's inscription is finally reveleaed "Herne's Son is my master, I cannot kill him"

Tthe outlaws accept Robert as their leader and word slowly spreads among the people of Sherwood, Robin Hood is back...

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Series 3 episode guide

Herne's Son Pt.1.
Herne's Son Pt.2.

Robin of Loxley is dead. The Merry Men have scattered - Marion having been pardoned by the King, has returned to Leaford. At Huntingdon castle, the Earl and his son Robert prepare to entertain in order to arrange a political alliance for the King. Among their guests are the Sheriff of Nottingham, his brother Hugo, Guy of Gisburne, the Welsh Marcher Lord - Owen of Clun, his followers, Sir Richard of Leaford and his daughter Marion. Young Robert is captivated by the sadness and serenity of Marion. Lord Owen becomes infatuated with her - he insults and then abducts her. Robert realises that the must gather his resources to deliver her from this fate - but he needs help from those who love her. With only Tuck remaining in Sherwood the task is destined to be long and arduous - but with Herne's help Robert is determined.
Guest stars Oliver Cotton, Richard O'Brien, George Baker and Michael Craig
Written by Richard Carpenter Directed by Robert Young

The Power of Albion

Robert of Huntingdon has been living in the forest with the Outlaws, leading them as they return to their old ways. When Robert is badly wounded in a raid Marion is sent for in order to offer her medical expertise. On her return to Leaford she is arrested by the Sheriff of Nottingham. He is anxious to prove the identity of the band's new leader - being referred to as Robin Hood. The Sheriff also confiscates Albion from Marion. Robert of Huntingdon enters Nottingham in an attempt to dupe the Sheriff, save Marion and retrieve Albion.
Guest star George Baker
Written by Richard Carpenter Directed by Gerry Mill

The Inheritance

In an old castle live a young girl Isadora and her father Agrivaine, who is the guardian of a priceless treasure. Agrivaine forsees his own death in the Tarot cards, but it is a more immediate danger that troubles him. Raven, a one-eyed ruffian, together with Mortimer, AgrivaineÕs ex-steward, specialise in pillaging anything of value. Isadora seeks the help of Robin Hood.
Guest stars Cyril Cusack, Derrick O'Connor and Cathryn Harrison
Written by Anthony Horowitz Directed by Ben Bolt

The Sherrif of Nottingham

King John is tired of having his taxes stolen so he decides at last to replace the Sheriff. The new Sheriff, Philip Mark, is known as 'The Butcher of Lincoln' and his Saracen sidekick Sarak is not much better. Determined to catch the Outlaws, Philip Mark formulates a ruthless plan. He banishes his predecessor from Nottingham and the castle and leaves him deep in Sherwood Forest...
Guest stars Lewis Collins and Valentine Pelka
Written by Anthony Horowitz Directed by Christopher King

The Cross of St.Ciricus

Robin and the Outlaws make their way to Croxden Abbey to give away their loot to Abbot Martin - a fanatical monk and custodian of the Cross of Saint Ciricus, which is said to have healing powers. En route they come across a Lady, a victim of a robbery on her way to Croxden. Thinking she is about to die, the Lady makes a confession to Friar Tuck and reveals a strange connection between herself and Robin.
Guest stars Dorothy Tutin and Brendan Price
Written by Richard Carpenter Directed by Dennis Abey

Cromm Cruac (aka Cromwell's Crusade)

Much has been wounded in a forester's trap. His wound becomes infected and he is very ill. The Outlaws are miles away from any of their known safe villages, but happen across a kindly carter who offers to take them to his village Cromm Cruac. However, Gulnar - formerly the sooth-sayer to Owen of Clun, is not far away and has an old score to settle...
Guest stars Richard O'Brien, John Horsley and Claire Parker
Written by Anthony Horowitz Directed by Gerry Mill

The Betrayal

The Sheriff's incompetence has brought the King himself to Nottingham to collect his taxes. With him he brings Roger de Carnac, a ruthless man who devises a clever plan to destroy Robin's reputation and deal with the Outlaws once and for all. Coinciding with the King's visit, there seems to be a spate of attacks and pillaging in the villages surrounding Nottingham. Could they be connected?
Guest stars Philip Davis and Matt Frewer
Written by John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch Directed by James Allen

Adam Bell

Much is captured by the Sheriff who threatens to hang him. Then Adam Bell, an ageing outlaw, kidnaps Martin, the Sheriff's nephew. The Sheriff seems desperate to get his nephew back and with Much in prison he has something to bargain with.
Guest star Bryan Marshall
Written by Anthony Horowitz Directed by Gerry Mill

The Pretender

A noble young man, rescued by Robin from the Duke of Gloucester's soldiers, wants to join his band. The powerful Duke and his daughter, ex-Queen Hadwisa, are plotting against the King. There is no natural heir to the throne, only a Pretender, Prince Arthur of Brittany - son of the KingÕs brother. Is this the man Robin has just saved?
Guest stars Patricia Hodge and Reece Dinsdale
Written by Anthony Horowitz Directed by Robert Young


Little John intends to elope with Meg of Wickham, but their flight is halted by a mysterious mad pig lady who seems to have lost her charges. Lord Edgar, uncle to Robin Hood, comes to Nottingham to visit the King who is ill. While wandering through Sherwood rounding up pigs, Robin encounters his uncle who claims to have been looking for him. It appears that the Earl of Huntingdon - RobinÕs father - is in great danger...
Guest stars Ian Ogilvy, Philip Davis and Michael Craig
Written by Richard Carpenter Directed by Gerry Mill

Time of the Wolf Pt.1.
Time of the Wolf Pt.2.

King John is raising an army against the Welsh. He orders all the food from the villages to be collected to feed his army. Robin and his band are unwilling to stand by and see their friends starve, so they prepare the Wickham villagers for action. Meanwhile at Grimston Abbey an old adversary of Robin's is practising his sorcery in most unusual ways.
Guest star Richard O'Brien
Written by Richard Carpenter Directed by Sid Roberson

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