"Hothead" Episode # 1.3 Original Air Date: October 30, 2001 (UK January 2nd 2002)

"Reaper" Episode # 1.17 Original Air Date: April 23, 2002

"Suspect" # 2.13 Original Air Date: January 28th 2003

Hothead - Written By: Greg Walker

Guest Stars: Jason Connery, Sarah-Jane Redmond (Aunt Nell), Hiro Kanagawa (Principal Kwan), David Paetkau (Trevor Chapell), Dan Lauria (Coach Walt Arnold)

Jason plays Dominic in this episode
- One of Lionel Luthor's Henchmen

Lex meets with members of Luthor Corp who tell him to drop 20 percent of his work force. He instead announce he is increasing his work force. He dismisses the "drones" and enjoys Dominic's discomfort at Lex's mentioning the his sister.


For Reaper pics big thanks goes to Kel, check out her great Smallville Dominic Website including some soundclips of Jason.


Lionel Luther is shot and Lex, Dominic and Jonathan Kent are all under suspicion - but who pulled the trigger?