The Successor

Jason stars as Peter Reardon/Romanov in this different take on the Anastacia Romanov mystery.

It's set in present day Russia around the time that The Romanov Czar and his family's bones were found. Jason is supposed to be the illegitamate Grandson of Anastacia, He goes to Russia from England when the Funeral of the bones that were found is to take place. So from there on it's a chase to find the Romanov lost gold, persude Peter to lay claim to the throne, find his grandmother's brother's bones and get the girl (of course!). Plus a few sub-plots that don't really mke any sense. But it all ends happily. There's a lot of Russian subtitles, and only Jason and his girl really talk English for a while, although there's more later on. Jason looks particularly good in this, and there's one scene where you see his profile accross a river and boy he looks like his Dad.