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Filming has wrapped on Brotherhood of Blood is a claustrophobic thriller about a team of vampire hunters who infiltrate a nest of undead to rescue one of their own. Jason has also finished Alone in the Dark, another horror movie! due for release in 2008/9.

Jason is also directing Ice 44, filming started in Dec 2007 and has a small role in La Linea also starring Ray Liotta

Jason will soon direct his first feature film "William" in Autumn 2005 followed by "Bloodlines" and filming on Behind the Veil starts shortly.

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Jason and Family

Jason Connery

Jason Joseph Connery has to be one of the UKís best kept secrets. Having a famous father can sure have itís disadvantages, with your name being overshadowed where ever you go. Jasonís mother is also an actress so at least his parents stood him in good sted for his choosen career path. Born on 11th January 1963 in London, Jason went to Gordonstoun school for boys and later auditioned for the Bristol Old Vic Drama school under the assumed name Jason Joseph. Needless to say he was accepted and after leaving took his first job for a season at the Perth Rep in Scotland as assistant stage manager and actor. He has quite an impressive CV to date

Jason is best known for his performance as Robin Hood, in the UK television series, when he took over from Michael Praed in 1984. At six feet tall with blue eyes and blond hair he certainally wooed the hearts of all those prospective Marians out there.

Robin Hood

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Jason's Film Career

The Lords of Discipline - 1982

The Boy Who had Everything - aka Winner takes all - 1983

Dream One - aka Little Nemo - 1984

La Venexiana - 1986

Puss in Boots - 1988

Bye Bye Baby - 1988

Lenin: The Train - 1988

Tank Malling aka Double Cross- 1989

The Sheltering Desert -1990

Casablanca Express - 1990

Spymaker Ė The Secret life of Ian Fleming - 1990

Fields of Fire

Jamila - 1994

Bullet to Beijing - 1995

Aladdin (Voice) - 1992

Beauty & The Beast (Voice) - 1992

Midnight In St Petersburg - 1995

The Successor - 1996

Macbeth - 1997

Urban Ghost - 1998

Shanghai Noon - 2000

Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell - 2001

Nicolas - 2001

Requiem - 2003

Hoboken Hollow - 2005

Far side of Jericho - 2005

Night Skies - 2005

William - 2005 (Director)

Brotherhood of Blood - 2007

Alone in the Dark - 2008

Chinaman's Chance - 2008

La Linea - 2009

Ice 44 - 2008 (Director)

Jason's TV Career

Robin Hood - 1984

The First Olympics - 1984

Dr Who - Vengence of Varos - 1985

World's Beyond: "Serenade for Dead Lovers"

The Other Side of Paradise - 1991

The Burning Shore aka Mountain of Diamonds - 1991

Kindred Spirits - 1993 as Storyteller

The Famous Five - Five go to Billycock Hill - 1996

Merlin - The Magic Begins - 1998

The Strip - 1999

Mary Kate and Ashley in Action! - 2001 - (voiceover)

Smallville - 2001/3

Shoebox Zoo - 2004

Jason's Theatre Career

A Journey's End (Stanhope) - Nuffield, Southhampton & Whitehall Theatre, London - 1988

The Three Musketeers (D'Atargtanan) - 1988

West Side Story

Breaks are Doon


Day and Night

Cyrano de Bergerac (Christian) - Greenwich Theatre - 1991

Trelawny of the Wells (Arthur Gower) - Comedy Theatre, London - 1992

Taming of the Shrew (Petruchio) - Southampton 22 April - 11 May 1993

Faithful Dealing (Sir Thomas Walsingham) - Soho Theatre - 2001

The Blue Room - UK Tour 2003

Jason's Radio Career

A Town Called Alice - As Joe Harmon also stars Bernard Hepton and Virginia McKenna in the BBC Radio 2 dramatisation of Nevil Shute's bestselling romantic adventure. This production won a Sony Radio Award in 1998.


Tommy's Tape - a collection of children's songs, rhymes and poems read by famous Brits, The tape was produced in just three days as part of BBC Television's Challenge Anneka series in 1992.

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View Jason at Weekend in Sherwood 2003, which he attended with his girlfriend Sherry Lea (July 4th w/e) pictures, more pictures and Report

Jason married the actress Mia Sara who he met on the set of Bullet to Beijing, they married in Las Vegas on St Patrick's Day in 1996 and have a small son called Dashiell Quinn born on 3rd June 1997. Jason and Mia separated in 2001 and were divorced by the end of 2002. They share parental responsibility for Dashiell.

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Jason Autograph

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Jason Connery
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