USA Weekend

January 10-12, 1986

He's the son of Bond. James Bond

But Jason Connery knows being the child of Sean Connery (who portrays the dashing 007 in spy movies) and actress Diane Cilento won't guarantee his success. "If they have given me the job because of who my Dad is, it does not change the fact I'm doing the job, and I, not he, will get the credit," says Connery, 23.

His mettle will be tested at 8 p.m. Monday, when he stars in a special two-hour episode of Robin Hood, the Showtime cable series now in its third season. He replace Michael Praed, who left for ABC's Dynasty.

His first day on the Robin set, he felt a sense of "over-powering strangeness"."They were all waiting to see what I was going to do, what stuff I was made of. I kept tripping over things on the floor. You don't know where to put yourself."

He says his parents' advice was never on how to act but on maintaining high physical and mental standards. "Dad and Mom told me to look after my body because my body is the instrument that I work with," says Connery, who enjoys swimming. "An actor only has his body and his head. If he doesn't take care of both, he's out of business." It was tough saying "no" when the acting bug struck."My life has been full of people who are doing films or theater or involved in performing," he says. "I'd get involved and caught up in that enthusiasm. It's very contagious. It's impossible not to become infected," he says.

Robin Hood wasn't one of Connery's childhood heroes. "I was more into Batman and Superman," he says.But Robin is giving Connery his first leading role on USA television. His other appearances were low-profile. He played an athlete in NBC's movie The First Olympics and was a military academy student in the movie The Lords of Discipline. And he made a film in Australia last year with his mother.

As for his personal life, Connery is waiting for someone special. "Real love is that you enjoy being together. So far, I haven't met anyone who meets those requirements."

Connery lives in London, his father in Spain, and his mother in Australia. But they stay in touch. He understands negative press about him and his family "foes with the territory" but "it makes my stomach turn."

Of his dad, Connery says, "He is a very caring father who likes the ordinary things of life, is in the public eye and is very good at his job." One of Connery's favorite VIP's is actor Roger Moore, who also plays 007. "He's got a great sense of humor. He's best with one-lines. I like him very much."

But Connery refuses to be blinded by bright lights and glamour. "At the moment, the most important thing for me is to do what I enjoy most - acting well, to the best of my ability."